Telecommunications organizations foresee major changes in their business landscape over the next three to five years. Most are expecting to reframe their approach, shifting to a more collaboration-based and open business model with both customers and partners. The most radical shift may be a new view by some telecom firms regarding what it means to collaborate with customers. A growing number of our telecom clients believe customers’ influence shouldn’t be confined to activities in which customers have traditionally participated, such as developing new products or services. Instead, they stand ready to relinquish control over an area typically considered the company’s domain – developing business strategy.

Digital driven data capabilities

The emergence of social, mobile and digital networks has played a big part in democratizing the relationship between telecom providers and their customers. It’s also forcing them to rethink how they work, with the intersection between digital and physical at the leading edge of innovation. Smart pills and smartphone heart monitors, intelligent vehicles and crowd-sourced traffic routing, books that respond to a reader’s location and apps that enhance the in-store experience: the possibilities are endless.

Tweak Coders can help its telecom clients access customers and pioneer digital innovation to create engaging new customer experiences with data management solutions that are targeted at helping organizations liaise more closely with their customers, partners and suppliers. Areas where Tweak Coders can assist clients include:

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