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Technology and intelligence are getting embedded. Everything is now well connected. It is vital for you to have the right data and analytics advisory or solution partner, which further can help you gain deeper insights from your data and power your business. Tweak Coders is one of the leading big data analytics consulting firms, committed to offering data analytics services to our valuable prospects.
A primary hurdle for businesses today is to convert the existing data into meaningful insights and to present these insights in a format that is comprehensible and helpful in decision making. With Tweak Coders’s data analytics expertise, it is now possible to retrieve, analyze, and report data while bringing out insights that could assist in making informed decisions.

Our Approach

Starting from public and private sectors, we have been working with many organizations and makes use of decision science techniques along with operational research (OR) for extracting value from your data. Our experts follow an analytical method like mathematical modelling or even machine learning to:

Turn your enquiries into data-focused questions

Erect models which further helps in exploring different scenarios

Visualize information and then convert our findings into an understandable format

Work with you to embed lasting change

What we can do for you

We work across a wide range of technology platforms, in the cloud and on-premise. The technologies, we use are:



R Programming and more

Always recommend solutions that are right for you. We have got a team of experts with decent experience in business intelligence, and data analytics. With the help of analytics and the right visualization tool in place, our experts can help you identify and get optimal solution for your existing problems. Our analytics solution primarily works across three different stages:

Stage 1

Trying to understand what has happened

Stage 2

Finding out precisely the reason behind why it happened

Stage 3

Predicting the result (if the situation remains the same), and offer suggestions that could be changed.

Our Analytics solutions across business functions

Our Business Analytics solutions have facilitated companies in enhancing their overall process, resulting in a better understanding of their customers, lower operating costs, and improved quality.

Customer Analytics

With fast increasing customer digital footprints, it is getting vital to analyze this wealth of information for enhanced customer experience. We help companies understand their customers’ preferences, receive details about what drives their customer, and then help to create a unique customer experience.


Risk Analytics

Where the change is the more common; unpredictability is the new normal, and so now most of the businesses are more and more relying on risk analytics to compete with the competition. We can help you understand and assess the possible risk across other aspects of your business to overcome uncertainties without any difficulty.


Performance Analytics

It is always good to classify and identify departmental and individual KPIs as it proves handy in creating a clear strategy for the future. Our experts can offer you insightful dashboards, personalized to the business chuck.


Operational Analytics

Converting operational data into significant real-time reports can be very useful. We can further help you improve business processes after analyzing external and internal data derived from telemetry data, market researches, and more.


So, what are you waiting for!

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