Data Warehousing

Understand your daily or monthly performance across the data metrics that matters most

Every business has got its model, and it often leads to the formation of a large amount of data, which very often are stored over multiple databases. Nevertheless, you can resolve this complexity, by adopting a data warehouse, and thereby enabling the automation of data requests. Data warehousing is helpful for companies in creating an amalgamated view of business data, which further can enhance for better analysis and reporting. At Tweak Coders, we work in producing a single central Data Warehouse, which provides a unique solution for all your data challenges. We evaluate the current state of your organization’s data architecture and pick the appropriate tools to ensure timely and accurate information.

We even customize our data warehousing service to meet the specific needs within your industry and assist well in transforming data from multiple data sources into meaningful data insights. Our data warehouse service includes:

Inclusive data warehouse design & development

Technical performance and process analysis

Remote database administration and support service

​Benefits those are hard to ignore

We help you apply data warehouses and related Business Intelligence directly to business process, which can be useful for marketing segmentation, financial & inventory management, and sales.

With data warehousing, as it gets a lot easier to access critical data from different sources, you may easily make informed decisions on key initiatives in quick time. No wastage of time for retrieving data from multiple sources!

With effective implementation of a data warehouse, you can convert data from the abundant source into a common format. As the data gets into a standardized format, each department can produce results that are in line with all the other departments. So, there is more accuracy in your data resulting in right business decisions.


Today, data is the driving force behind any business strategy, and so every next organization is looking out for an effective data warehouse solution. Plus, now organizations also require the right approach for handling exponential growth of data across all types of data and delivering predictive analytics.

At Tweak Coders, we follow two standards of approaches:

Top down approach: In this approach, our experts build Data marts for specific type of users, after building the complete Data Warehouse.

Bottom Up approach: This is different from previous approach, as here we would require creating different data marts for explicit groups and after that merging it to erect single and central data storage.

Why Choose Us For Data Warehousing?

Our consultants have been designing data warehouse and business intelligence systems. We have worked with some of the successful companies, and the experienced we gained has helped us gain a decent knowledge, from both a business and technical aspect. A well-designed data warehouse project can help your business to plan, discuss, design and test the best solution for your business. Some of the reasons we think you should choose us for data warehousing are:

Team of certified consultants with good technical and functional skills

Expertise to integrate any data from any number of sources

Can assist you to understand data governance

Provide BI resources (Offshore & Onsite) and can work as part of your internal team

Data warehousing needs to be created with careful consideration to be scalable. At Tweak Coders, we study your current systems and understand your need to accomplish with the data warehousing solution along with the analytical capabilities you anticipate of it.


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