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Get full cycle support and maintenance solutions for your web and mobile apps.

In a technology-driven business world, change is one of those few attributes that remain constant. The critical aspect is that technology has been playing a vital role in transforming business continuously. Thus to stay appropriate, organizations are getting proactive in implementing technology and manage new consumption models, acquisitions and the impact of digitization. We at Tweak Coders work with you to understand your business and also create adequate support & maintenance solutions to maximize application accessibility, and compatibility further.

Real challenges that enterprises face

Reducing the usage of the venerable mainframes to manage the maintenance of applications effectively

Customize or modify applications that can be suitable to the altering business environments

Maximize Application Support Availability

Our application support & maintenance services typically include the following phases:

NOTE: Our proven methodologies along with a comprehensive set of frameworks enable our customers to attain enhanced operational competence at condensed cost by decreasing the ratio and extent of business-critical application outages.

After making the required execution, our governance process further ensures that our team regularly meets the committed deliverables to clients. We continuously use the documented metrics to measure our performance, and this in turn further helps you know how well we are meeting our service level, and cost targets.

Our Application Maintenance Services include:

Our Application Support service primarily revolves around one key area: application enhancements. This majorly consists of efficient support for custom applications. Examples include upgrades, patches, security and functional enhancements.

If we talk in the context of an application or system, the primary factor like performance is likely to be measured through speed, reliability, and easy accessibility or availability of applications. Our services also include service-level-based monitoring and at the same time right enhancement of application and database server environments. We always keep our focus on 2 core components which include - quality assurance and quality control. This helps in getting systems that could well meet both your business and technical performance goals.

it is hard to believe when someone says – the system doesn’t require any management. Everything requires management, regular maintenance and updates or enhancements. Having said so, your mobile apps or cloud app, or even web application are no different. Application management is also an essential aspect of our service and could well help you in preserving the value which you invested in the technology. Our team once again helps you maintain your software either through fixing bugs, porting or even enhancements. We offer support for web or mobile apps to stay compatible with the latest OS versions.

Key Highlights

You get the chance to work with an experienced team, and the good aspect is that you will have more things to consider. Our maintenance and support services also cover the range of:

Configuration Management

Our course of action primarily aims in establishing the consistency of your applications’ performance.


Knowledge Management

Develop the process of drafting, using, and managing the information of an organization.


Application Portfolio Optimization

Specialists come up with an optimization strategy (integration and delivery framework, test accelerators) and actionable roadmap to improve the application portfolio.


Business Benefits

You get the chance to work with an experienced team, and the good aspect is that you will have more things to consider. Our maintenance and support services also cover the range of:

Very committed to opt flexible approach that could well suit business requirements

Carry out the root cause study to effectively solve intricate recurring issues

Guaranteed better application quality and uniformity in service levels

Standardization in the services offered through most excellent processes associated with ITIL, COBIT

Follow only non-linear pricing format for cost predictability

Recommend enhancement in the system thus reducing the likelihood of pending business critical issues

24/7 support in bug fixing, debugging, and so ensure instant turnaround time

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